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Last Furmeet
Twas good.

Went to the "crack chicken", been there are few times before. Several people I met I was happy to eventually met.

So .. there was this 1 guy who .. looked like a larger taller version of someone from my high school... it ended up it was him! He only stayed at my high school for 2 years.. but I totally remember him and .. it's weird not seeing someone or hearing someone since 10th grade. His voice and appearance was different enough that I didn't think he was the person who I thought he was! I was happy to see I wasn't the only person from my high school who was a furry.

Heck, I saw/met 2 people from my high school at FC 09 and .. it just adds a weird new perspective to my life. It makes me think "omy, the whole time i was looking at furry porn, there was at least 3 people who i talked to who were doing the same thing .. woow"

It really makes you feel fuzzy inside.. or furry.

That being said, as you see this post is about .. keeping tabs of people at my educational institutions who happen to be furries.

So far, at my college I know of 7 other students who are furries. Rusty, Emily, Emerald Sage, PassLion, Black Deer, Rafiki, and Cat. The awesomeness is awesome! In my first 3 years year I met 2 and nahw.. LOOK, THEY'RE EVERYWHERE!! It's quite magical.


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