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Oops, yeh I haven't updated this is 4 years. Oh well. Let's see.. what happened between my last post and this one?

Jan '10 - Live Journal Post
Dec '10 - Finished college
May '11 - College graduation ceremony
June '11 - Moved to Illinois
August '11 - Moved to Queens, NYC
September '11 - Started my career as an actor.
November '11 - Moved to Manhattan, NYC
March '12 - First paying acting gig.
July '14 - Got a full fursuit.
September '14 - Updated LiveJournal again.

There we go, that's the important stuff. I'm updating my life more on my skype statuses, facebook posts, and Furaffinity journals. I'm thisisgabe on skype, Khord Kittie on facebook, and here.

I don't really have any close friends who use livejournal.. or if they use it they don't tell me. I don't really have any foothold in this community. Thus, less motivated to say anything. I feel like I'm talking to a wall.


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